Fineliner with cushioned fine F-tip or medium M-tip

STABILO SENSOR has a spring cushioned tip is available in two line widths. The F-tip is perfect for precise writing at school or in the office while the M-tip is ideal for hours of doodling, drawing or hand lettering. Eight different colors provide even more variety when writing and designing.


Whether for detailed diagrams or precise drawings, the SENSOR  F-tip fineliner is an invaluable tool for school, college or the office. The eight colorful options of green, red, blue, light green, black, turquoise, pink and lilac will add a splash of color to your work. With its durable, metal-clad fine tip, the pen can withstand high writing pressure and will draw precise lines and shapes tirelessly without breaking or bending.


Never before has it been so relaxing to put ideas quickly and passionately onto paper. Bring mind maps to life or fill notebooks with colorful tangles: the STABILO SENSOR fineliner with spring cushioned M-tip has a wider line width of 0.7 mm, providing a smooth, highly satisfying writing sensation. The fineliner supports accurate but bold writing and is ideally suited to creative work, such as hand lettering and doodling.

Product features

  • With a line width of 0.3 mm STABILO SENSOR gives you lots of control and precision
  • The metal-enclosed tip provides strength and durability
  • The high quality pen tip will not split even whilst high writing pressure
  • The fineliner pens work perfect with a ruler and also make drawing contours a breeze

Add some color to your life

STABILO SENSOR comes in 8 vibrant colors. Check them out!